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We live in a world filled with all kinds of life. These galleries are filled with pictures of plant life. From flowers to fungi, trees to lichen, there are images here that are beautiful and interesting.
Flower Pictures

Flower Pictures. A what a lovely thing a flower is. From the bright colors, to the soft fragrance, to the delicate touch of the petals, flowers are amazing. There are millions of variations on this simple...

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Pictures of Flowers

Here is another gallery of pictures of flowers and such lovely flowers they are. There is a picture of a Rose, a Blackberry blossom, and even a Gladiolus flower. I find it amazing that there is such an...

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Flower Photographs

Flower Photography. Life is a wonderful thing when you have a garden full of delightful flowers. If you don't have your own personal garden you can delight in the flowers that grow in your neighbors yard...

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Other Plants
Purple Cactus

The world doesn't revolve around flowers, perhaps things would be nicer were it so. How different it would be if, instead of suicide bombs, Al Queida had covert units operating that would suddenly rush...

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What a strange sort of loveliness a mushroom is. They come in all colors and forms from the revolting to the transcendent. Some of the most lovely are as deadly as can be imagined. They have their own...

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old narcissus

Daffodils, Narcissus, Porillon, Daffy-down-dilly, Fleur de coucou, Lent Lily... it goes by many names and grows in many places. Often one of the first signs of Spring is a rush of daffodils growing along...

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Iris Pictures can be so fascinating. The blossoms are complex yet simple. you can look at an Iris flower in the standard fashion and you can bend the petals of the Iris back for an entirely different experience...

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Tree Pictures

If you think that you "shall never see a tree..." like that poet feller, just look out your window. I'll bet there is one right handy there. I hear-tell that they even have trees in Arizona now! Of course...

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anothercupoftea photography by Grant Groberg

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