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Shed One and Shed Two

Hillside Shed

Dueling Sheds



Shed Wall

Corrugated Tin Shed

Closed for Business


Shed and Hill

Falling Shed

Old farm building with tar paper brick

Corn Crib and Tin Rondele

Country Farmstead

High Powered Outhouse

Arched Shed

Milking shed

Old Tin Shed

Shed with basket ball hoop

Shack on the Montana Range

Barney Shed

Weathered Garage

House and Shed

Barn and Shed

Bare Buildings

Long Barns

Cornfield Shed

Abandoned House

House and Sky


Leaking Roof

Garage Do Not Park In Driveway Please

House, Shed, Tires

Tin Shed

picture of a run down shed

Shed And Cows

Isolated Farm

Sagebrush Barn

Missouri Farmstead

Montana Ranch

Horse Shed

Carolina Farm

Barn and Silos

Country Office

Carolina Tobacco BArn

Funky Well House

Old Ford Pickup

Carolina Tobacco Shed

Rocky Mountain Farmstead

Hillside Shed/barn

Remote Farm Buildings

Investment Opportunity

Building with Roof Shed

Gas Station

Iowa Barn

Barn and Silo

Remote Homestead

Roofless House

Weathered Shed

Old Grainery

Field Shed

Unfinished Seal

Log Cabin

Drums and Silo
anothercupoftea photography by Grant Groberg

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