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++flannel shirt
++South dakota
++West Hughes
++tin can
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++North Carolina
++pride of the farm
++25 bushel feeder
++cast iron
++keen kutter
++ball bearing
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farm equipment

Sawdust Hoppers

Abandoned Equipment

Lightening Rod

Barn and Equipment

Rusting Motor

Mardi Gras Bike

Wendt Junkers


Winterized John Deere mower

End of the line

tractor hoods

tractor headlamp

Field Wreck

green farm equipment

Rusting Tractor Parts

stripped tractor frame

Lost Truck

Farm Pilot

row of tractors

Worn Tractor Tire

Dog Driving Tractor

Beetle Bug

Old Tire

Tower Trucks

Car Wreck


lone tractor

Tractor in the trees

Not quite ready to roll

tractor rust

Enter at Your Own Risk


Steel Mill

Pride of the Farm

keencutter lawn mower

Wood Curl

old farmall tractor

iron tractor wheels

iron-wheeled tractor

old tractor

Old Ford Pickup

Bleak house

Pair of tractors

Wood Curls

Wood Curl

tractor fender

Bleaker House
anothercupoftea photography by Grant Groberg

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