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Green Barn

Green Window Shutter - New Orleans

Green Shutters

Green vines


Green Window

Cacti Leaf

Green Door, Pink Wall

Lichen on a rock

lichen some more


Beautiful Lichen

Green Pattern

Lichen it or not!

Cactus bud

Wide Green Door in a Pink Wall

Succulent background


New Orleans Door

Plain Green Door

Green Door, Red Wall

Vine seeds

Wall with Doors

Green Shuttered Window, Red Wall

French Quarter Corner

Giant Artichoke

Green door, White Frame, Red House

rough cinqfoil

Green Station

Mottled Paint

Mayapple - end of season

South Dakota Badlands - 1

New Orleans Door

Cacti Texture

Osage Orange

Slender Doorway


Peach Wall

Osage Orange Fruit

No Parking in the French Quarter

Colorful Lava

South Dakota Badlands - 7

Brick Wall

Sawdust Hoppers

Extravagant Seedpods

Cow Barn

Rusted Bridge Brace

Past Due Clover

White Oak Leaves against Sky

Stucco wall with texture

Ontario Backroad

Yellow and Green Wall

MIdwest Materials

Thorny Cactus

Redwood Gnarl


Buttercup Rooster

With a Little Bit o\' Luck

Dried Seed Pods

Redbud with Rain

oak saplings in spring
anothercupoftea photography by Grant Groberg

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