photography by Grant Groberg
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Lock Legacy

First Step to a New Life

Door and Shadow - French Quarter

Garage Do Not Park In Driveway Please

Schoolhouse Door

Slender Doorway

Green Door, Pink Wall

Wood Door

Door with Patina

Red Door

Barn Door

Weathered Door

Wide Green Door in a Pink Wall

Well Used Door

Weathered Door

New Orleans Door

New Orleans Door

Green Door, Red Wall

Plain Green Door

Wall with Doors

Green Shuttered Window, Red Wall

French Quarter Symmetry

Door with Shutters

Fleur de Lis Door

Electrical Door

Wall, Lamp, Door

Peeling Painted Brick Wall

Four Weathered Doors

Brick Wall

French Quarter Wall

Old farm building with tar paper brick

Old Tin Shed

Tin Shed

Stucco Wall

Weathered Entrance
anothercupoftea photography by Grant Groberg

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