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Step right up and visit the galleries of the unliving. Old barns, rusting tractors, run-down sheds, dilapidated buildings. Architecture and archeology blend here in these galleries of the inanimate.

Every year, more of these old barns tumble, more of the houses are bulldozed so a double-wide can be parked there. The old tractors and such simply gather a little more rust and are covered a bit deeper by weeds and vines.
Rocks & Rust
Surreal Yellowstone

Interesting formations and all of those swell things that rust

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Still Things

This is a gallery for pictures of inanimate objects.... doesn't always work that way though

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Signs of the Times
Lake Village Arkansas Sign

Everybody has something to say and they all say it in different ways. Stop, Yield, Eat at Joes. Hey baby, what's your sign?

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Old Ford Pickup

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Barns & Buildings
House For Sale

Ah, the ruins or Rome.. the graceful proportions of the Acropolis. The elegant symmetry of classic architecture... You won't find any of that in this Picture Gallery. Barns and other interesting structures...

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More Barns & Buildings
Country Lawyer

Just can't get enough of those old barns and buildings.

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Barns and Buildings Three
Old Tin Shed

There is a whole lot of countryside out there and in it are many old and wonderfully decrepit buildings. Here are some more.

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Barns and Buildings Four
Gas Station Tool Shop

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Barns and Buildings Five
Pair of Outhouses

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Barns and Buildings Six
House on the Plains

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Barns and Buildings Seven

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row of tractors

There is a love and fascination of old tractor for many people all over the world. This is a set of images taken at a tractor junkyard located in the Missouri Ozarks.

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anothercupoftea photography by Grant Groberg

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