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Lions and tigers and bears? How about Bobcats, Bunnies and Woodchucks amongst other critters. Here you can see images of the Animal Kingdom.
Farm Worker

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Building a guitar at the Rick Turner Guitar Shop
Guitar Backs

It was December. The drive had been a wearing ordeal with crazy traffic over a wet, fog shrouded mountain highway. Finally at my destination, I let out a sigh of relief. I went 'round to the back of my...

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The Easter Bunny

This is a tale about the Easter Bunny. Not just any Easter Bunny, mind you, but my very own, personal, Easter Bunny. Everybody should have their own Easter Bunny, if only for a little while. One of the...

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Cotati Accordion Festival

I have a thing for accordions. Not that I can play one well at all, but I like them. I like how they sopund, I like how they look, I like the people that play them. Pretty much every culture in the Western...

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Bunny Pictures

More Bunny Pictures. Some people just can't get enough pictures of bunnies. I suspect one of the bunnies in these pictures of being the Easter Bunny that visited with me for a few weeks the year before....

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Other Critters

When you live in the woods by yourself, you might fall into the mistake of thinking you are alone. While you may not be surrounded by members of the same specie as are the denizens of New York, instead...

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In 2002 a Woodchuck decided to make it's residence underneath my pumphouse. By default it was named "Woody." The following spring it gave a good argument for a name change when she emerged with three babies...

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anothercupoftea photography by Grant Groberg

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