photography by Grant Groberg
Gladiolus Flower
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Lovely and delicious, this Gladiolus is saying "reach out and touch me." You may not have too much experience talking to flowers, but that's the klinds of things they say. Sometimes they are saying "smell me", sometimes "Look at me." Some flowers say more than others and some flowers will say it louder. So listen to your flowers, find out what they have to say to you.

Spend more time with your flowers, they might be lonely, they might need a good friend and that friend could be you. Friends and flowers go well together. Bring your flowers along with you. Take them out to dinner and introduce them to your friends. Your friends will love your flowers just like you do and before you know it anybody who invites you somewhere will be sure to invite your flowers to come along too.


anothercupoftea photography by Grant Groberg

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