photography by Grant Groberg
Yellow Daffodil
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When you are gathering your daffodil bulbs from the huge wild patches that grow where a house no longer stands, you never know what you are gettting until the following year. Sometimes you will end up with a plain yellow daffodil, sometimes a white narcissus and sometimes a complex specimen like the one above. Feathery, dark yellow petals sandwiched between layers of normal daffodil petals building up into a full and pleasant daffodil.

Another aspect of finding your daffodils out in the boonies is that you end up with so many bulbs you plant them all over the place and forget everywhere that you planted them. When that happens be assured that each spring there is a chance for you to discover a new daffodil growing in a place you had forgotten you had planted it.


anothercupoftea photography by Grant Groberg

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