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Guinea Hen
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Guinea Hen

A love poem to a Guinea

If you ever wanted a pet from hell,
fearless, obnoxious and ornery as well.
That will drive you insane, make you babble and howl,
then please consider the Guinea Fowl.
But, like candy, Guineas, you can't have just one
You need to have twenty-five, fifty or a hun-
dred of the damned little birds to make up your flock.
That will wake up at dawn to bicker and squawk.
(And house them down wind because they are flatulent too,
no matter the diet... oh such gasses they spew...)
But they are wonderful creatures to have wandering around,
for no tick or chigger or biting bug will be found.
They are guardians too, they will gang up on rattlers.
And sound the alert (they are consummate tattlers)
When any person, or vehicle or creature comes near,
they will cluster and charge, they really have no fear.
They are madness and ugly. They are loud and they fart.
and will bluster their way straight into your heart.

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anothercupoftea photography by Grant Groberg

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